That box was there when I got here

Well, apparently you came here to check out some logo’s I’ve done in the past. And that’s great! 
If I can help you with something you would have in mind, feel free to contact me.
Let’s exchange some ideas, or just talk it through.

De Melkerij

A competition handed out by Zemst, Belgium. This creation came out as the winner. They wanted a new logo for their cultural centre which was totally renovated. Jan Sidgwick poored some sauce over this one too. The logo inspired the complete look and feel of the building, right up to the lighting of the restaurant.

Zemst Leeft !

Let’s stay close to the town of Zemst, where I became part of a team of like-minded souls that want to bring their fellow inhabitants together again. 
I made the logo, am responsible for the look and feel, and I am known to make posters, posts and help people out with their businesses.

Puur Pizza

When a befriended father wanted to start his own business baking pizza’s in a woodoven, who am I to say “I’m not doing your logo”. I designed the elements you will see when you hire him for one of your parties, while enjoying the best Italy has to offer at your home.
Also; book him through the website PuurPizza.be, because I made that one too!

Advertising Whisky Club

When you combine some of the interests in my life, you end up with advertising and… yeah, you guessed it. 
I’m making it a personal project to bring people with that same mindset together, an I’m hoping to make it a beautiful journey with some smokey flavors in the aftertaste.


Let’s call this a work in progress.


A logo for one of my Zemst Leeft! colleagues who makes sites on the side. 

Sluit Menu